Thinking Ahead

Thinking Ahead

Technological Competence

At AURION, we pool know-how and experience from many different fields - the most important requirement in order to elaborate processes and techniques and to produce components and complete systems for our customers that constitute specific, individual solutions.

In addition to this, we constantly develop new, both cost-reducing and ecologically desirable technologies, and we contribute to an increase in effectiveness through optimizing existing processes and techniques.

Openness and Cooperation

AURION offers each customer a tailor-made solution for his specific demands. In order to ensure this service, we listen very closely to our customers before developing our first ideas together with them. In this process, we openly point out potential problems - and solve them. For complex, interdisciplinary tasks we form a pool of specialists in which the know-how of the individual experts adds up to the optimal solution.

Our Objective - Our Customers' Success

Anything that is developed, produced and installed by AURION is a key to our customers' success. This is due to the fact that we never stand still but rather constantly try to improve the technology as well as the quality and construct in a production-oriented and cost-efficient way. This results in future-oriented, efficient and ecologically desirable solutions in which all components fit together perfectly. Of course, only those projects will be carried out that comply with our customers' ideas concerning price, date of delivery and safety.

On A Personal Level

It is no exaggeration to say that our employees are among the best of their art. But they are also convincing on a personal level - remaining calm, when things get hectic, listening closely to our customers and being reliable in their work. They openly say what is "going on", they are friendly and open-minded, and they always act in the interest of the customer. We are as proud of these qualities as of their professional ones.

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