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Galvanotechnik 2015/11: “Sputtering at atmospheric pressure”
VIP 2014/02: “Highly efficient rf impedance matching network for ICP sources”
Nitric Oxide 2010/09: “Biological effects of nitric oxide generated by an atmospheric pressure gas-plasma on human skin cells”
Society of Vacuum Coaters 2010/04: “Characterization of a Microwave Microplasma Source Using an Auxiliary Electrode”
Contributions to Plasma Physics 2009/11: “Biological Stimulation of the Human Skin Applying Health Promoting Light and Plasma Sources”
Plasma Processes and Polymers 2009/08: “An Integrated Atmospheric Microwave Plasma Source”
Society of Vacuum Coaters 2009/05: “A Novel Atmospheric Microwave Plasma Source with Integrated GaN HEMT Microwave Power Oscillator”

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