Overview of our RF Components

Impedance matching networks (PRODIK-Series)

  • power range: 300 W to 30 kW
  • wide impedance range
  • various circuits for different applications available (L-, T-, Pi-, N)
  • output currents of up to 300 A for capacitive loads of extremely low impedance


  • cathode switching of up to 60 A
  • modular switching matrixes
  • coaxial power switches


  • cost-effective simultaneous operation of two or more cathodes with one power supply

Transmission and connection technique

  • RF coaxial lines
  • RF plug-in connectors

Phase shifters

  • simultaneous operation of two or more cathodes
  • 2 channel or 6 channel


  • protection of other components against RF influence


  • DC potential measurement
  • plasma recognition
  • RF voltage and currents
  • impedance
  • effective, reactive and apparent power


  • calculating system (ACAS)
  • high speed tuning
  • high precision
  • high reproducibility

Control system

  • integrated controller (ASC)
  • RS 232 or Profibus-Interface
  • A/D-Interface (optional)
  • ETHOS-Software to configure the matching network
  • manual interface (optional)

RF systems for particle accelerators (ACCELOS-Series)

  • e.g. bunch compressor system
  • beam manipulation in particle accelerators
  • integrated systems with amplifier, cavity, beam tube
  • tetrode amplifiers, push-pull operation
  • high voltages, wide frequency ranges
  • beam tube at XHV (base pressure < 1E-10 hPa)
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