AURION project cycle detail

How does the AURION project cycle work?

In the Aurion project cycle it is first of all important to get to know the specific goals, requirements and general conditions of a system desired by the customer precisely and comprehensively. For this purpose, AURION creates the Project Goals & Essentials (PGE), the basic document of every project.

On the basis of the PGE, the interdisciplinary AURION team begins to create a system concept, develops technical alternatives, presents them to the customer and discusses the best possible way forward. For the close coordination process, AURION offers exploratory meetings on site or online as well as the use of its own application laboratory for preparatory examination scenarios.

Following the conception phase, the design engineering, mechanical, electrical, control and operational implementation of the project starts. AURION has established a fixed cycle of design reviews for this project phase. They record all feedback with the customer in one or more loops, describe any variants and control the design.

For the technical implementation in a customer-specific project, AURION has developed modular building blocks in the form of tried and tested concept series and concept families. Each of the AURION system concepts is already the result of a highly innovative development, represents cutting-edge technology and is used to fit perfectly.

AURION systems offer targeted top performance. The self-explanatory, intuitive operability nevertheless allows for quick training, a complete overview of all functions and reliable control of the system. AURION uses a wide range of Industry 4.0 solutions for this purpose. Remote control and predictive maintenance solutions are available for monitoring and remote maintenance of the systems. With these smart IT tools, the downtime of systems can be reduced or avoided.

Maintenance and servicing are carried out individually and according to requirements, so that failures can be avoided in advance. With these IT solutions, the Aurion systems are used, monitored and maintained efficiently. Production processes can thus be made more efficient and cost-saving. Further IT solutions for digitizing and networking the production process also with the existing business processes are available.

And last but not least: AURION continues to support you before and after a project with valuable services.

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