Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources


Integrated Microwave Atmospheric Plasma Sources

In cooperation with the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik, Berlin, these new, very compact and cost efficient plasma sources have been developed.

The models of the AURION IMAPlaS series can be used for activation and cleaning of all kinds of surfaces, in addition for removal of several materials. Therefore they are being used in wide fields of micro electronics, electronics, optics, sensor technology, medical and divers other industrial areas. They are fully integrated, ready to use systems in different configurations.

Advantages and Innovations

Compact and integrated: 
Through novel concept, which integrates electrical supply and plasma generation, there is no separate high voltage supply necessary. 

Plasma generation with 2.3 GHz; supply voltage just 24 V DC (plug power supply is sufficient). 

No need for complex vacuum apparatus. Arbitrary substrate sizes and shapes can be treated. 

Low temperature: 
Temperatures smaller than 100 °C allow for treatment of sensitive substrates, foils etc. 

The IMAPlaS work with different gas types, inert gases as well as reactive gases. 

Biomedical applications:
NO can be produced with high efficiency. This allows the use of the sources for wound healing, treatment of scarves and skin diseases. Relevent lab tests on human skin cells have been concluded successfully. 

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