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At AURION we bring together know-how and expertise from different disciplines, most important prerequisite to develop processes as well as to realize components and complete systems for specific, individual solutions. Furthermore we constantly develop new, cost saving and environmentally friendly technologies and help optimizing existing processes to increase efficiency.

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Atmospheric pressure plasma sources, RIE, microwave downstream plasma, PVD (Sputtering) and PECVD systems as well as combinations thereof, including cluster and inline tools.


Radio frequency components like Automatic Impedance Matching Networks (Matchboxes), Switches, Filters, Power Splitters, Phase Shifters etc.


Aurion´s team offers its extensive expertise in the areas of plasma technology and radio frequency technology for consulting services and training classes.

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  1. V2021

    Location: Dresden

    Keynote Lectures, Presentations, Workshop, Industrial Exhibition

  2. PLASMA GERMANY, Herzogenaurach

    Location: Herzogenaurach

    PLASMA GERMANY meets in Herzogenaurach on 23rd and 24th of November 2021.

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